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Velo-Rack bike racks are made for cities, municipalities, educational and government establishments, businesses, buildings, condominiums and individuals.

Galvanized: It is the cheapest finish. It has the advantage that it can not be scratched. However, it tarnishes in the long term and rust tend to settle faster than with other finishes, especially if the bike rack is exposed to salt during winter.

Plastic covered: This finish adds an extra layer of protection on the bike rack, which makes it more durable and softens the surface of the rack. In terms of appearance, this finish gives a semi-gloss plastic look.

Polyester powder coating: This finish adds an extra layer of protection on the bike rack, which makes it more durable. It facilitates the repair of a rack of which the paint has been damaged because you can repair it yourself using a paint can that we can send you. This finish gives a glossy finish for a modern appearance. It is also the only finish that lets you choose the color of the bike rack.

Yes. We offer technical support by phone for the layout and the installation of your bike racks. Using a rough plan of your project or a picture of the location of your future bike racks, we will propose a layout that optimizes the available space while making sure users will have enough space to easily park their bike. Also, according to the soil type, we suggest a suitable anchorage and we provide simple and detailed installation instructions.

Yes. It is possible to add a metal plate with a logo or a text of your choice on the bike rack (See example in Gallery/FondsÉco IGA). Advertising panels are available for CP models. You can also choose a non-standard color for your bike racks. Prices vary according to the availability of the paint (polyester powder).

Yes. All Velo-Rack bike racks come with a 5-year warranty and a return policy on manufacturing defects applicable to the first owner.

No, we don’t install bike racks. However, we provide you with simple and detailed instructions for installation, and can assist you by phone or email if needed.

Mechanical assembly provides a uniform layer of paint, which improves the appearance of the finished product. In case of strong impact, a mechanically assembled arch flexes, while a welded arch, for example, breaks at the weld. Thus, mechanical assembly allows to replace only the damaged arch instead of the entire bike rack, enabling significant savings. Mechanical assembly is made with steel/steel rivets, wherein the steel rod remains in the rivet, which ensures high strength equivalent to a welded assembly.  

New bike racks that are clean and safe will better integrate the urban landscape and be more used by cyclists than outdated, rusted and damaged racks. Moreover, according to the condition of the bike rack and date of purchase, we offer a discount on the purchase of a new bike rack in exchange for the old one. (applies to Velo-Rack bike racks only)

Yes. There is no minimum required, and no maximum. Your bike racks are sent when you order or when it best suits you.

All our products are entirely manufactured in Rawdon, Quebec. By controlling all the stages of the design and production of our bike racks, we ensure that you always get top quality products.

No. Velo-Rack bike racks can be shipped everywhere in Canada.

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